Check out some of Dr. Assini’s most recent work by watching the informational videos below. Some of the topics include:

Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement
Hip & Knee Replacements
Arthritis & Pain Management

Innovative Total Hip Replacement Surgery Means Speedier Recovery, Smaller Scar

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – More than 300,000 total hip replacements are performed each year in the United States. Swedish Medical Center in Englewood is one of the first hospitals in the country and the only one in Colorado to offer an innovative new technique.


Swedish Medical one of only a few hospitals to offer new hip replacement

The new procedure is called PATH, which stands for Portal Assisted Total and Hip, and makes it easier to for patients to recover.

Lori Mayer Patient Testimonial | Portal Assisted Total Hip Arthroplasty

Lori Mayer, from Highlands Ranch CO, suffered from hip arthritis and needed a total hip replacement. Through her personal research she found Dr. Joseph Assini, an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoONE at Swedish Medical Center.

Dr. Assini performed a portal assisted total hip arthroplasty – a new minimally-invasive technique that he helped develop.

Total Knee Arthroplasty

In this video Dr. Assini and his team perform a total knee replacement. About half of Dr. Assini’s patients will go home the day of their procedure.

Dr. Assini is using a medial pivot design implant in this video which offers a more naturally feeling knee and can help patients achieve smoother recovery and faster return to activities.

Anterior Total Hip Surgical Video

In this live video, Dr. Assini and his team perform a total hip replacement through an anterior approach. This minimally invasive hip approach allows patients to mobilize shortly after surgery. Many patients will go home the same day as their procedure. Typically, this procedure takes 45 min to perform.

Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement

When non-surgical approaches are ineffective, the OrthoONE team in Denver offers a wide range of joint surgeries to help return you to an active, healthy lifestyle. Learn more about rapid recovery joint replacement from Joseph Assini, MD, board-certified orthopedic surgeon at OrthoONE at Swedish Medical Center.

Joint Surgery & Pain Management

Dr. Assini is a part of the Swedish Advanced Joint Reconstruction team at Swedish Medical Center. The surgeons at Swedish have special training to care for bone and joint injuries and conditions. We treat everything including labral tears, total joint replacement surgery and orthopedic trauma. We often use advanced minimally invasive surgeries to fix joint or spine conditions. This type of surgery often lowers recovery time and pain.

Joint Program Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Assini discusses patient satisfaction at the joint program at Swedish Orthopedic Center.

Knee Replacement

Dr. Assini reviews the knee replacement process and the results after surgery.

Arthritis Discussion

Dr. Assini defines arthritis as inflammation of any joint in the body. The common joints effected are hip, knee, shoulder, foot, and ankle. Arthritis is commonly caused by overuse and aging.

Anterior Hip Approach

Dr. Assini explains anterior hip approach, which has easier rehabilitation and shortens length of stay for patients.

Hip Replacement Rehab

Dr. Assini discusses the rapid rehabilitation process after hip replacement.

Joseph Assini

"The ability to dramatically improve a patient's quality of life is what I enjoy most about orthopedic surgery and particularly joint replacement. I believe that each patient's presentation is unique and requires an individual treatment plan."

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