Dr. Assini is currently participating in multiple clinical studies. You may be asked by Dr. Assini or his team to participate. It is your choice whether you participate or not, but each study is being conducted to help improve total joint replacements and associated outcomes.

Current Research Studies

  • Evaluation of new total knee implant for complex reconstruction and revision surgery. Multicenter 10 year analysis of the Evolution CCK Total Knee System.
  • Long Term Analysis of Profemur Preserve femoral stem.
  • Multicenter Randomized Study to compare ‘bikini’ incision anterior total hip arthroplasty with standard anterior hip arthroplasty. Analysis is centered around incision healing, numbness and patient satisfaction with scar appearance.
  • Evaluation of new medication for prevention of blood clots after joint replacement.
  • Evaluation of new medication to aid in the post-op pain control after joint replacement.

Recent Presentations

  • 2020 Arthroplasty Fellow Meeting. Faculty speaker.
  • 2019 AAHKS Annual Meeting. Anterior PATH: A new technique for Total Hip Arthroplasty.
  • 2019 AAOS Annual Meeting. Anterior Total Hip in the ASC.
  • 2019 AAOS Annual Meeting. The medial pivot knee and knee stability in outpatient surgery.
  • 2018 Rocky Mountain Trauma Symposium. Total knee arthroplasty after knee trauma.
  • 2018 AAHKS. Total hip symposium with Microport Orthopedics.

Previous Research & Publications

  • 2017 The Adult Hip: Volume 1. Chapter 77: Proximal Femoral Fractures Treated with Arthroplasty.
  • 2015 Ivan De Martino MD, Vincenzo De Santis MD, Peter K. Sculco MD, Rocco D’Apolito MD, Joseph B. Assini MD, Giorgio Gasparini MD. Tantalum Cones Provide Durable Mid-term Fixation in Revision TKA. Clin Orthop Rel Res. 473(10): 3176-3182.
  • 2011 R Grewal, J Assini, D Sauder, L Ferreira, J Johnson & K Faber. A Comparison of two headless compression screws for operative treatment of scaphoid fractures. J Orthopedic Surgery and Research 2011, 6:27. doi:10.1186/1749-799X-6-27.
  • 2008 LC Biant, WJM Bruce, JB Assini, PM Walker, and WR Walsh. The anatomically difficult primary total hip replacement: Medium to long-term results using a cementless modular stem. J Bone Joint Surg Br 2008. 90B(4): 430-435.
  • 2008 LC Biant, WJM Bruce, JB Assini, PM Walker and WR Walsh. Primary total hip replacement in severe developmental dysplasia of the hip. Ten-year results using a cementless modular stem. J Arthroplasty 2009. 24(1): 27-32.
  • 2001 WG Paterson, DV Miller, N Dilworth, JB Assini, S Lourenssen and MG Blennerhassett. Intraluminal acid induces oesophageal shortening via capsaicin-sensitive neurokinin neurons. Gut 2007. 56(10): 1347-52.

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"The ability to dramatically improve a patient's quality of life is what I enjoy most about orthopedic surgery and particularly joint replacement. I believe that each patient's presentation is unique and requires an individual treatment plan."

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