See what patients are saying about Dr. Joseph Assini and his experienced Orthopedic Surgery team.

Hip Replacement Patient

“My hip feels amazing. I was able to hike again and climbed my first 14er less than a year after surgery!”


Knee Replacement Patient

“I left the hospital the day of the surgery. Could not believe how quickly I got back to normal and despite the PT being rough, I knew I made the right choice with Dr. Assini and his team.”


AnteriorPATH Patient

“My friends are amazed at how quickly I have recovered after my AnteriorPATH procedure with Dr. Assini. The scar is virtually invisible and I have gotten back to all my activities quickly after surgery.”


Revision Knee Replacement Patient

“I could barely walk after my knee fracture and failed TKA. After Dr. Assini’s care I am back to walking without pain.”


Non-op Patient

“I would recommend this provider to anyone needing orthopedic care. Dr. Assini determined the first course of action should be non-op treatment. I never felt pressure to proceed with surgery and after we agreed that the injection would be a good first option for treatment my care was competent, concise and effective.”


Joseph Assini

"The ability to dramatically improve a patient's quality of life is what I enjoy most about orthopedic surgery and particularly joint replacement. I believe that each patient's presentation is unique and requires an individual treatment plan."

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