Arthritis is a broad medical term used to describe a joint that has worn out. “Arthro” refers to joint and “-itis” refers to inflammation. So arthritis means inflammation of a joint. Most commonly, the term arthritis is referring to osteoarthritis, which is different than inflammatory arthritis.

Arthritis leads to joint pain and deformity. Normal cartilage does not feel pain. However as we age or due to injury the cartilage at the ends of our bones can thin. This leads to exposed bone in the joint. The bone does feel pain and this along with the inflammation leads to the discomfort of arthritis. Many of us will develop some sort of arthritis somewhere in our bodies as we age. The location and severity of that arthritis determines how it will affect us in our everyday activities.


Pain is the single most important reason to treat arthritis, especially when it interferes with our daily activities. Other reasons include joint deformity, loss of motion or instability.

Because there is a wide range in the symptoms and causes of this disorder, there are a variety of methods to treat the symptoms of arthritis.

Treatments for Arthritis

  • Activity modification
  • Physical therapy
  • Orthoses (bracing)
  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery (whether total, partial) can be very successful in the treatment of arthritis symptoms and can return patients to a higher level of activity than they experienced prior to surgery. However, such surgery is usually reserved for situations where non-operative treatments have failed. Every patient has different expectations of what they want from their new joint. Be honest and open with your surgeon in the pre-operative period as this will help align goals and treatment plans.

Remember that joint replacement is elective surgery and you should consider it when YOU are ready.

Whichever treatments you choose, our number one goal is to improve your quality of life.

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